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Printing Green (And All Other Colors, But In A Greener Way)

Print-Green-(1)Keeping our planet safe and clean is the most important goal humanity has in the past several centuries. Although this is something of global concern, the only way for us to succeed in this intention is to act on a local level, and to do whatever we can. ( Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing For Earning ) So, let us start with the office, and with your printer, because that is often forgotten source of pollution.


Have you ever thought how many trees is lost in an average office each day? The number might seem trivial and small, but if you multiple that number with the offices in your city only, than with the number of companies in your country, and eventually in the world, it begins to look frightening. Oh yes, and add up about 10% of mistakenly printed ones, which go straight to the trash can. In order to aver this condition, you can use modern technology to your advantage. Instead of on-paper, keep your files on hard drive, or store it in the cloud. Additionally, you will benefit in way that these data are practically timeless, while paper is susceptible to fire and moisture.

Plastics and electronics

Printers are made from plastic material, which is quite hard to dissolve once gets to the ground. Your contribution might be great if you could introduce printers made of recycled material, and which can be recycled further. That way it will not be thrown away, but rather reused again, closing it in circle of constant usage. Also, electronic parts can be recycled as well, which can be quite profitable too.


So far, printers had succeeded in reducing noise level, but not eliminating it. This also adds up to the whole image of non-green electronic device, for recently noise had been added as the source of pollution. Although it is not so critical, printer will add up to the whole stress accumulated within the office. Imagine the situation; deadline is approaching, you are a bit late with your reports and statistics, as the others are, tension can be felt in the air, and then you hear that sound of printing. It makes you want to throw it out through the window. It also needs to be said that there is no completely soundless printers. If the sound is lacking, it might be under the threshold of hearing, or as it is known, an infra-sound.


So far, regular paint for printers was based on metal such as iron and petroleum distillates, which are naturally very bad if come to contact with water (which was possible, where thrown paper was the carrier). Luckily, today things have changed, so filling up your toner cartridges with these hazardous materials is not necessary. Oil based on plants (soy, mostly) is often used for this purpose, but unfortunately, its production is not as massive as it should be, but it certainly gives hope for a brighter future. It is also encouraged to take printers with refillable cartridges, which remain in usage, instead of being thrown away.

To conclude the whole story, one man cannot change the face of the whole planet, but that does not mean that we do not have any kind of responsibility, but quite the opposite. Each one of us must give its best, and that is the only way to succeed. This planet is borrowed from our grandchildren, after all.

Article By : Dan Radak


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