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Pros And Cons Of Buying A Mobile Home

The house purchasing is an important thing in any person’s life. Psychologists equate it with such special events as the birth of a child, an anniversary or a wedding. Today, the housing issue is one of the sharpest for everyone. Real estate prices are growing at an incredible rate. According to all forecasts, housing will only go up. And in the very near future, an increase in the cost of square meters by 15-20%it is expected. Throughout the world, there is a real boom on transportable dwellings now. And this is not surprising: after all, transportable household prices are much more attractive than for the ordinary houses.Also, the Travelphile offers an opportunity to travel around the country and the world on the principle of the ancient Greek sage Biant “I carry all my things with me.”

An apartment that can move to another city with its owner

The idea of transportable dwellings originates among nomadic peoples and traders traveling by caravans. In the US, such habitations appeared in the early years of the automobile era and became particularly popular in the 1960s, when the hippy movement was born. From the beginning, they had a width of fewer than 2.5 meters, but in 1956 3 meters wide designs appeared. In the same year, the term “mobile home” was mentioned. In the 1960s and 1970s, houses became wider and longer, which made transportation difficult. Only 5% of houses more than 6 meters wide are transported from place to place.

The outside facing of the dwelling is chosen by the client, as well as his internal layout. As they say, any whim for your money. It can comfortably accommodate a guest room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. You can live all year round in such lodging. The dwelling space is heated by a boiler or, a fireplace if you wish, In addition, the walls and floor are insulated here, and the windows are metal-plastic, hence this housing is also energy efficient. Note that the quality of such housing is not lower as in the standard houses, because of the special technology of the building.

How much is a mobile home, you may ask? The price is higher than the order of the paper on but it’s lower than the ordinary dwelling somewhere countryside.The cost of such movable cottage depends on its quadrature and renovation. Some people go even further regarding using a mobile home, not only for everyday life but also for enjoying it. If you have money and imagination, then you can make a real masterpiece of the home on wheels.

Housing in 20 square meters will cost from 10 thousand dollars. 24 squares will cost 16 thousand. The standard mobile home (48 squares) – from 37 thousand dollars. Twice expensive will cost almost 100 meters. Buying such cottage, the buyer receives all the necessary documents, as well as an ordinary dwelling.

Advantages of buying a mobile home:

– Mobility.
– Low cost.
– You do not need to pay taxes. Unlike a fixed dwelling or a land plot, mobile homes are not a subject to property tax.
– You can create an art object of your lodging.


Not as the main, but as an alternative

The French often consider such dwelling not as the main one, but as an alternative second house. For the possession of a new area from ​​40 to 50 square meters should be laid out from 22 000 to 50 000 euros. And no property taxes. Nevertheless, experts caution: the purchase of a manufactured home has its drawbacks.

The first difficulty: before purchasing a mobile home, you need to find a place to rent in one of the campsites. And regard to the popularity of such homes, this is not easy. And their managers do not hesitate to raise the price.

The next trap is an inattention when concluding a contract with a camping site. If the owner of the mobile home has not shown a proper vigilance, then camping managers can change the rules of renting a place when they want. They raise prices and restrict access to the house during certain periods of the year. But even if the contract was concluded carefully, it lasts only one year. Then the terms of the lease can change. In the case of forced departure, expenses continue. You have to pay for the uninstallation of the house and every kilometer of its transportation.

The last flaw is that you never sell a mobile home profitably. They are depreciating as quickly as cars: they lose 30% of their value in the first year, 15% in the second, 10% in the third, and then 7% in the year.

Thus, one can identify the main drawbacks of mobile homes:

  • A small square.

Illiquidity Unlike stationary residential facilities, most mobile homes do not pay off because, they constantly depreciate, wear out and get outdated, like automobiles.

  • Transformations are limited.

That is to say that natural disasters can easily destroy such houses. The last tragic incident occurred in Georgia in the United States in January. A powerful tornado sped on a campsite and destroyed a half of mobile homes.

But the mobile home market is very diverse. And, of course, like any other innovation, it has got its pros and cons, Such houses are inhabited by tourists, rented to offices, repeatedly sold or lived in them constantly themselves. Also, mobile homes are in demand with the owners of the hotel business.


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