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How To Recover Slow Charging In Android Smartphone

Today we are living in the world of smartphone Technology.  Our Technology world is a house of Android smartphones,  and we are facing a common problem with smartphones.  The problem is slow charging of our smartphone, which seems big for us. Some of us has complaint about the battery consumes very fast and, many of us have the problem of slow charging.  If the battery backup is very low,  then we can replace the battery and solve the problem but,  with the slow charging problem the service center of the company  charges very much. If you are a little careful about that smartphone battery tips, then you can save a lot of money. But the solution of the problem is very easy.  Read our below mentioned  tips to recover you are slow charging.

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Old Charger

One of the main reason of the slow charging can we your old USB slot or charger.  Because the old phone contains low power battery so  the  chargers were also of low  search Amp.  But now the power of batteries has been increased very much,  and if you are trying to charge your new smartphone with the old charger, then it will charge slow  comparatively.


Old Cable

Sometimes we use single cable to attach multiple devices in this way the metal of the cable is rubbed.  It starts making problem with the connection.  The metal layer in the old cable  cuts off sometimes.  So we suggest you to use a new cable to charge properly.

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USB 2.0

Today’s PC are launched with two types of USB slots. One  is USB 2.0 and other is 3.0,  which is new. If you are charging your smart phone with PC, than USB 2.0 will charge slowly in comparison to USB 3.0.  If you are charging with  USB 3.0 smartphone is charging slowly,  It may be a problem of your PC,  not your smartphone.

Battery Calibration

The slow charging problem  can be recovered with Battery calibration. To start, you have to  fully consume your smartphone battery.  Then switch off your smartphone and charge 100%  battery.  After charge complete, switch on your smartphone and then charge it till 100%. Now restart your smartphone and charge till 100%.  Make this procedure 3-4 Times. By doing this your battery will calibrate properly.  If your battery is ok, then it will give you full performance.


Software Update

The old version of software may be a problem of slow charging. The smartphone companies send us latest updates but we don’t do it regularly.  If your phone contains new update notification, then you should update it immediately.  Now you can check your battery is charging properly or not.

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Dust In Smartphone

We keep our phone in the pocket regularly,  and when we travel dust  circulate in our smartphones slots.  This causes our smartphones slow charging problem.  If you are facing slow charging problem then you should clean your USB slot and other charging slot carefully.

Low Quality Of USB Cable

When we purchase a new charger with smartphone we never make a look on the accessory like cable and charger. Some smartphones uses very low quality of accessory.  The low quality cables doesn’t connect with power adapter properly and creates charging problem . When purchasing charging cables you should go for companies cable only.

If you have done all of the stairs we have mentioned above,  then we have 1 more tips that you can look after the apps running in the background,  if they are choking your battery or not.



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