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7 Tips Be Careful If You Have Reduced Food Due To Fear Of Being Fat

Anorexia is a common eating disorder disease, in which people reduce diet due to fear of weight gain. Yes, anorexia is a mental illness in which people get more worried over their weight. Such people resort to a lot of dieting and exercise to lose weight. They are afraid of them all the time that they will become obese by eating enough food. So their food becomes irregular. And irregular eating and low diets have a bad effect on their health and the body starts weakening inside.

The adolescents who have anorexia can reduce their weight by up to 25 percent within a few weeks. If your weight suddenly has diminished too much and the teeth are becoming yellow, be careful. These symptoms are of Anorexia Disease. If you or someone you know is troubled due to this eating disorder, then we are telling you some physical, practical and emotional symptoms that will prove helpful to you. Let’s know about the symptoms of anorexia.

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Run Away From Eating

People who have anorexia disorder always run away from eating. Whether they are hungry or their body needs food, they refuse to eat and always run away from eating. Do not lose weight by eating this food from fear.

Go To The Washroom Immediately After Eating

The person suffering from this disease is so scared to gain weight so that he starts cutting down before eating and if he eats food, then immediately after eating, he goes into the washroom and vomits.

Changes In Eating Habits

Dieting habits of the person suffering from this disease suddenly change. In it, food habits, stressing on certain types of foods, eating food quickly and breaking into smaller pieces, etc. habit starts. Therefore, if a person makes sudden changes in his eating habits, then this can be the sign of anorexia.

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Frequent Check Weight

If a person is so worried about his weight that continuously and regularly keeps his weight checked, then it can be a sign of anorexia. When this problem occurs, the person is restless to check his weight.

Changes In Periods

If a woman is suffering from anorexia then changes in its periods can be seen. In such cases, periods in women are not on time. If the problem persists in young women or unmarried girls, then this is considered to be the symptom of anorexia.

Worry About Weight

Women suffering from anorexia are worried about their weight. Even if it is very thin, it considers itself to be thick and overweight and always remains intact with its body and weight. Even every effort to hide their weight.

Too Much Weight Loss

Losing weight is the main symptom of anorexia which can not be ignored. In anorexia, the person keeps himself away from nutrients. Because of this, it is imperative to lose weight.

Apart from this, the symptoms of anorexia include loss of hair due to lack of nutrients and yellowing of nails.

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