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What Is The Right Age To Get Your Child A Cellphone?

It is quite a hot topic of the era, when is the right time to get a child his or her first phone or tablet. In an age where parents purchase iTabs for their kindergarten-aged children, it is essential for every parent to know and learn when is the right time for them to purchase a cell phone or a smartphone for their children.

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What Is The Problem?

The problem in this scenario is that is no right way or wrong way to go about this problem. If you have a child at home that has a very active social life and is usually not home until it is time for dinner, then the most logical solution such parents have to keep an eye on their children and to ensure that they are safe at all times is to get such a child a cell phone, or a smartphone if they will, even if that child is like 12 years of age. On the other hand, if you have a child that has a known history of being a trouble maker and in your opinion is not ready or responsible enough in any way to safely use and keep a cellphone even if he or she is 17 years of age then you are, in no way at all, wrong as a parent to keep them from using cellphone.


What Is The Right Thing To Do Here?

Without beating about the bush, there are only two things that you can go about this topic. For instance;

·         Toddlers and Tablets

Under no circumstances should a child, a child as young as three years old or even a six-year-old should ever be given a smartphone, a computer or a tablet of his or her own. These devices are not toys. They are electronic gadgets being used by people all around the world to work and carry out business transactions on the go. Furthermore, owning a device as expensive as them at such a young age is bound to have a negative impact on their life and is bound to give them superiority complex since it is not exactly a given fact that the parents of their peers would be able to afford such apps or not.

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While it is never a good thing to get your child his or her smartphone and such, it is definitely not that bad if you let them play on yours from time to time. This can also be a bonding experience from the two of you and it can always serve as a source of positive reinforcement, an incentive to do good things and have you tablet for an hour or two to play on.


·         Tweens vs. Smartphones and Tablets

Here is where the true dilemma begins. As mentioned earlier, not every teen deserves to have their personal smartphone or tablet. While there are those extremely responsible tweens that would use these gadgets for the purpose of studying or those that have an active social life and have to be a number of things such as soccer practice or ballet recitals after school. Now such kids, for the peace of their parents’ minds, deserve to have a cellphone so their parents can keep an eye on them and stay in touch with them. Yet, even these kids do not need a smartphone. A simple cell phone through which the only things they can do are call their friends and family and send an odd text is enough for them. While giving them a personal computer or a tablet would be a good thing, in the long run, their access to such devices should not be unadulterated. As a parent, you need to set some ground rules and even then physically monitor them when they use these devices, especially when they are online or watch what they are doing using parental monitoring apps to ensure they are safe at all times.

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·         Teen vs. Everything

Again, this part is very tricky. This is the age where kids tend to be more responsible than their younger counterpart since they are the ones that usually drive themselves around and be where they have to be by themselves, with their parents staying in touch with them through their smartphones. On the other hand, they need to have their personal computers, tablets, and laptop in order to study and work which can make the situation worse if the teens are easily gullible.

Thus, in situations like this, parents have no choice but to provide their teens with smartphones and all that they need and then use them to monitor their children.

Submitted By : Aline Carrara is digital parenting expert and love to write about Teens social media issue cyberbullying prevention tips for parents.

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