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Only The Right Digital Agency Can Simplify Web Redesign RFP Process

Web design and redesign can be downright hectic if you end up with an incompetent and sloppy digital agency. Adding to that, finding that perfect agency that serves website design, development, and many other digital needs is another challenge but can be overcome if you proceed on track right from the start.

To choose an entirely new digital agency isn’t preferred due to lack of successful track record and totally unwise if yours is already a renowned brand. The ideal way is finding an agency that can deliver a super wonderful site with a potential to serve global clientele for many years. Let’s have a look at how to choose the right digital agency for your web design project!

Express The Agency Criteria

Start by identifying the most significant characteristics of the agency that you’re eyeing in light of your requirement. For instance; if yours is a high-end B2B organization, the preferred agency should have sufficient expertise with B2B. With this, other considerations are high-end design, e-commerce platform, lead generation, availability of technology and so on. Still, it’s nice not to put excess weight despite the amazing industry experience an agency has.

Research & Pick From The Top 10

You and your team should brainstorm over firms that match your criteria. Have a look at the websites, reviews, testimonials, and sample of their work. Based on this search, finding the best ones won’t be too much of a hassle. On finding them, you can reach out via social media platforms, email, comment or phone.

Have A Discussion

If digital agency responds to your query, schedule a meeting! In today’s highly competitive environment, consider the response a blessing and take it as a cue to go. It’s better to have a meeting than discussing things on call as you’ll be able to make a sense of your requirement.

Create & Allocate RFP To The Top Five Picks

Let’s not make this a time-consuming process. An RFP for web design or redesign shouldn’t be more than two to three pages and keep it clear and concise for better understanding. Remember, if the agency requires further details, they’ll definitely ask. However, your RFP should include a few things and here’s a punch-list;

  • The purpose of website redesign and for whom (explain your audience)
  • Your goals and success considerations
  • Enlist your competitors and share credible links to probe further
  • Pick five of the best websites and mention what you like about them
  • Include a few screenshots of important analytics that would be mobile and desktop
  • Also enlist technical requisites such as integration, registration and so on
  • Don’t forget including key dates as to when proposal is due, expectations to launch the new site and decision making criterion

One-On-One Meeting

While it’s best scheduling all meetings in a day, especially if the location is close to one another so that it saves valuable time and hassle of travel. Come with proper homework so that digital agency would’ve everything available at their disposal to kick-start the redesigning phase. Be clear with what you want and do hear the agency’s concerns as well; only mutual cooperation would ensure success.


Now that you found just the perfect digital agency, web design or redesign is just a cinch!


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