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Samsung Galaxy A8 Vs Moto X Play

motorola-moto-x-(3rd-gen)-mobile-phone-large-1Last year, Samsung’s Galaxy A series got humongous response from the Indian market. The classy metal-built smartphones became an ideal pick for mid-range buyers, and were highly appreciated because of their top-notch performance and stunning build quality. Well now, it’s the turn of their elder sibling, Galaxy A8. Designed with complete craftsmanship, the new A8 brings an exquisite combination of class and functionality. The device is currently hitting the shelves online and offline, but again, the Lenovo-owned company Motorola has stood up in the way to slaughter Samsung’s sales with a powerful yet affordable smartphone. The new Moto X Play looks like an ideal mid-range phone with stunning looks and tempting price tag. It brings the best of stock Android with top-tier features and long-lasting battery capabilities.

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So, how far the two phones go against each other? We all know, they both are extremely impressive, but our detailed comparison will give a better idea for selecting the best one. The face-off between Motorola and Samsung has always been an interesting match. Both tech-giants bring an impeccable set of phones, and have created a global image which reflects sheer-class and performance. Have a look to know more!



Both phones are quite appreciable, but if we keep them close, Galaxy A8 might just have an upper hand with its brilliantly crafted metal-body. Samsung’s alluring mid-range phone picks several cues from its predecessors, and flaunts a nice look from all-angles. Its metallic frame and edges look completely fantastic, as does the thin bezels featured on the front-panel. Just like, many other Samsung phones, Galaxy A8 also bears a fingerprint sensor on its home button, which performs pretty decently and gives quick response. On whole, it gives feel of a premium flagship, and is fairly lighter and slimmer as well.

Comparatively, the new Moto X Play looks pretty dull, thick, and heavy, but considering its tempting price tag, we’ll say it’s a great deal from Motorola. The latest “X” variant features an expansive display with fairly thin bezels, and is customizable with a slew of colorful rear panels. This curved back of the phone features soft-touch plastic with grippy pattern, but it’s not as premium as the one on Galaxy A8. However, despite lacking additional details, it does not loses the most crucial element of durability and comfort.


Yet again, the new Galaxy A8 again goes above and beyond the limits of Moto X Play. The powerful metal-built phone flaunts an amazing 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The AMOLED technology plays a significant part in enhancing display capabilities, and gives better, brighter, and sharper visual experience. Although there’s lack of some pixel density, yet there is no real fault in the display of this device.

The new Moto X play, on the other hand, brings an increase on pixel count with a slightly smaller 5.5-inch display. The resolution stays the same, but instead of an AMOLED or Super AMOLED panel, it features IPS technology which gives great viewing experience from all-angles. Additionally, protection from Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is also on-board!


Hardware and Power

In order to create an excellent ecosystem for glitch-free gaming and smooth performance, Galaxy A8 powers up by Samsung’s own Exynos 5430 SoC, while Moto X Play powers up Snapdragon 615 chipset. They both perform fairly well with 2GB of RAM, but when it comes to extreme requirements, they fail to deliver the most expected, “flagship like performance.” So it’s absolutely clear, they both pack a great deal, but only for mid-range buyers with standard requirements.


Except for the custom skin on Galaxy A8, there are no noticeable differences between the two phones. At the first place, the latest member of Moto X family continues the good work with stock Android 5.1.1 with no custom skin. It’s completely Vanilla and gives a nice set of functional apps like, Moto Migrate, Moto Assistant and others.

The new Galaxy A8, on the other side, also runs Android 5.1 Lollipop. But, the metal-built phone has been customized with few more tweaks from TouchWiz UI. TouchWiz brings a new look and feel, and includes a bunch of improvements like the Ultra Power saving mode and smart manager.

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The camera setup equipped with both phones is quite good, but with a higher pixel count on its main camera, Moto X Play takes the game away from Galaxy A8. Despite coming at a lower price tag, Moto X Play brings a perfect ecosystem for photography with its 21-megapixel rear auto-focus shooter. It delivers crisp and sharp images, and performs much better than the 16-megapixel unit on Galaxy A8. Neither of the two phones capture 4k video, but photography with Moto X Play is definitely a real treat for camera lovers. And, selfie lovers, both phones serve pretty well and boast a magnificent 5-megapixel shooter, capable of capturing 1080p videos.


With expansion up to 128 gigs, Moto X Play comes in two storage variants with 16/32GB of on-board storage, while the Galaxy A8 comes in the only option of 32GB. You’ll get sufficient storage space with both phones, but with an added option, Moto X Play gives more flexibility to pick an ideal just as per your needs!


Here comes the biggest and most surprising difference between the two smartphones. The new Galaxy A8 powers its Super AMOLED display by a decent 3,050mAh battery, while the new Moto X Play with an IPS display powers up by a whopping 3,630mAh battery. Yes, you heard it right! A humungous difference of 580mAh marks the difference between the battery capabilities of Moto X Play and Galaxy A8. Both phones will give you decent performance, but the Moto X Play will last longer!


Another difference between the two phones comes from their pricing. The 16GB and 32GB model of Moto X Play comes at a very impressive price tag of Rs. 18,499 and Rs. 19,999, while the premium Galaxy A8, on other hand, looks slightly overpriced at Rs. 32,500. They both come with a bunch of offers, but Moto X Play is available only on Flipkart, at least as for now!


To sum things up, we’ll say both phones are extremely impressive and powerful. But considering its alluring pricing, improved camera, and massive battery support, we’ll give one-up to the new Moto X Play. The only downfall of the device is its less-premium design, but that’s ok to deal with. For those shopping for a premium phone, the Samsung Galaxy A8 is always a good option to count on.


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