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Using Your School Website As A Student Recruitment Tool

In the same way that job seekers must send out resumes in order to score an interview, your school must have a website that can convince prospective parents and students to visit your campus. Most parents search for schools for their children through the Internet, so there’s a high chance that your website is the first thing they’ll see if they are looking for information about your school.

Make A Good First Impression With Your School Website

Not sure if your school website is leaving the right mark on potential parents and students? Not to worry! Here are some of the things you can do to ensure your website is making a great first impression:

Wow Visitors With A Contemporary School Website Design

In the recent years, many schools have become partial towards using flat and modular website design principles. These designs aim to enhance user experience and make it easy for visitors to browse the site and find the information they are looking for. To balance these simple, minimalist layouts, use bright colors and big pictures that catch the eye. Emphasize your brand by using your school colors generously throughout the site and employing large images that highlight your school’s best features.

It goes without saying that your school website should have a responsive design. This means that the website should be displayed optimally regardless of the device being used to view it. More and more parents and students are depending on their smartphones when browsing the Internet. You want the website to be memorable because it looks good, not because it turns into a jumbled mess when viewed using a phone or tablet.

Showcase Your School’s Achievements And Strong Points.

A stand out, contemporary design that represents your school is far from the only thing you need in order to make a good impression. Make sure you back good looks with substance. Check that the contents of your site are current and up to date. Just like the design, ensure that the content of your site is aligned with the school branding. After all, you don’t want your school to just stand out, you also want to portray it as an organization with character and a distinct learning environment.

If academics are your strong point, you can put images of the school’s academic achievements front and center on the home page. You can also have a tab that highlights these achievements in detail. You can do the same even if your school is well known for its athletics department, socio-civic engagements, or art program.

Let Satisfied Parents And Students Speak For Themselves.

Of course, all schools say good things about their respective institutions and organizations on their website. They are, after all, putting their best foot forward to boost student retention and recruitment. Parents in search of a good school are quite aware of this fact, and while they might consider a school for its features, they still want to hear the opinions of parents whose children go to that school. Many times, they start discussion threads or join forums for this information.

You can make this easier for everyone by featuring parent or student testimonials in your website. You can have a section on the homepage that’s dedicated to featuring reviews from satisfied parents. If someone from your school community expressed their appreciation for the school on social media platforms, you can include snippets of the post in this section.

Invite Parents And Students To Visit Your Campus.

Finally, invite these prospective families to visit the school grounds so that they can get to know the school community better. Let them know that your school goes beyond making a great first impression, and that what they saw in the school website is simply a preview of the academic, athletic, and social climate in your learning institution.

The 3 previous steps above are all geared towards turning website visitors into real-life campus visitors. However, you’ll need a more direct way of inviting parents and students for a school visit. If you want a more general approach, you can always hold an open school event and promote it online. If you want something more personal, you can answer questions and inquiries from prospective parents through the school website. At the end of your response, make sure to invite them over so that you can discuss the matter in detail and answer further questions, if they have any.

If a family is willing to put enough effort to visit your school, then you’ve made it through the first hurdle. This means that your school is one of their top options and that they are considering joining your school community.

Create A Smoother Admission Process

Your school website is not only useful for attracting students, it can also be utilized for making admissions easier and smoother for both returning and new students. This can be done by including an Admissions tab in the main navigation bar. The Admissions tab should have all the information a student or parent might need to know about the admissions process, plus any downloadable forms that need to be filled out and submitted to the school. This feature eliminates the hassle of losing these important documents and expending extra manpower just to collect and organize papers. Allowing online payment collections also affords parents and schools the same convenience.

A school website can do more than make your school more visible to parents. It can also give a preview of how your school rises up to meet the needs of its students and parents. Follow these tips and master using these school website features and functions and you won’t just attract new students, you’ll also make work easier for your school staff.



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