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Security Tips To Keep Your Android Device Safer

In this technology world, smartphones are not limited to social media chat and photo-video transfer, we do a lot of data sharing, fund transfer, document sharing and many important transfers. Smartphones have transformed into some of the most valued and treasured gadgets ( Document Printing Security Tips ). Android is the most popular and most leading operating system of the smartphones. This is because, app searching, things searching and operating system is very easy to use. There are a lot of features and tutorials available for Android, and it is growing very fast. With these good features count, the bad problems also come, like Hacking. The hackers have been flooding the platform with different kind of tricks. Which are aimed to sabotaging the normal functionality of the services and device.

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Mobile devices are a store house of PIN numbers, Passwords and other credentials. Many personal and official photos and videos are stored in it. Security of Android device is must. Some security tips by Google for Android users.

Screen Lock

Everyone must use screen lock on their Android device. Many people ignore this, but it play an important role in security. With screen lock activation, one needs a password to access even your contacts. It may be any pattern lock or password on screen lock.


Google Play store App

According to Google’s recommendation, the Android user must download apps from Google Play Store. The apps in the PlayStore are trusted for downloading. Google has an Android Security Team that scrutinizes all apps before uploading to the PlayStore. You will not find any unsecured app in the Google Play. The team also keep monitoring the Android App Store regularly. Google will usually block any app it finds to be in violation of its Plat store rules.

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Use Encryption

Encryption setting is available in Android’s security setting. Encryption means, everyone must have a decryption key to access your device or app. It is provided by the owner. The information will be unreadable.

Apps Permissions

When installing new app on your Android system, it usually ask for permission to access certain services and features of your phone and tablet. They usually ask for permissions to access to your camera, contact and social accounts information. Make a read of the permission, what they are asking to access. Android Marshmallow 6.0 has the feature to choose among the permissions to give to an app. It has a simple On and Off system for permission.

Activate Device Manager

BY installing Android Device manager, owner can access the device remotely. They can lock, locate and wipe the device in any stolen case, to make them safe from strangers. The device manager can easily be activated via the Security section of the Google Settings app.


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