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Self Destructing Messaging Apps, Disappears Messages Like A Ghost?

Auto delete messaging apps are the best way to chat and share privately, without any social media hazzel. Self destructing messaging apps are mostly used for secret chat and to troll someone on social media. These are the game changer messaging apps for the people, who worry about message tracking. All the people do not want the information shared with the entire world. Most of the people do not want to spend their whole time on twitter and facebook.

Self destructing messaging apps is a good option in this area, because they are end to end encrypted. These kinds of apps automatically destruct messages, when the receiver read them. The sender can set a limit for how long the receiver can see a message before it gets deleted. Both young and kids uses these kind of apps the most, to prevent their chat histories from certain people like parents and future employers.

But some of the apps are dangerous in their own ways. You must check the app before using it in a regular way. We have chosen 5 of the most used and best self destructing apps, which are assumes as safer apps for our privacy.


Snapchat is known as a ultimate trusted self destructing messaging app. It is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The app is well liked within the younger generation. The people had got the option to share videos and photos with a safe online environment, with various face effects and lenses. You can set timer for these kind videos and photos to self destruct, once the reader received your message. This feature allows young adults and teens to share even embarrassing photos without the risk of going it public.

A very few people knows about a main feature of Snapchat, that it gives you the ability to send text messages also.  But the messages are not destructed itself. But sometimes the feature of self destructing, becomes a headache because, it is difficult to provide evidence against cyber bullies.


The app’s working process and techniques are the same as we have mentioned above ones. In this app also you can set timer, after which you want the message to be deleted automatically. But apart from this feature, speakon’s chat application has an automatic translation features, which supports over 90 languages around the world. This application helps you to communicate with the locals in the foreign country.  So you can make use of this app like a language translator or self destructing messaging app. This app makes easy, to communicate people around the world without any complications.


Telegram is also a world famous self destructing messaging app. There are a lot of useful feature that you can find when using this app. The app also features a secret chat section in it. This part of app includes as self destructing timer setting, which gives recipients a limited amount of time to read the messages. You have to click the three dotted button in the secret chat and click on the set self destruct timer button. The entire message you will send after this setting, will be deleted after the reader’s view.


Bleep is also a well-known self destructing messaging app, which on because of it’s interesting features. The main feature which makes it different from others is, the app has given the ability to the users to login the app through their email, mobile number or to go incognito mode. With the use of this feature you can post anonymously, it means you can post, without knowing the other people who has sent the message. Bleep also provides a phone call feature like viber or skype.


Confide also has all the features, we have mentioned in above apps. Now what it contains that make it different from other apps. The app combines end to end encryption with screenshot proof messages. It means no one can even make a screenshot of the content while reading the messages. Messages are highly encrypted and private. With the use of this app you can send photos, document, text, and also you can send emails directly.\

We have mentioned above 5 best most used self destructing messaging apps. We hope that you will have more fun with these apps. Thanks for reading our blog. Please make your valuable comments.


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