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What Matters: Audience Or Reputation

If you are a webmaster, you need to ask yourself: the audience or the reputation which one is more important to a webmaster? This question needs to be in the mind of every webmaster that wants to make an impact or achieve greater heights in the online business world. So, let’s take a look at both to see which one is more important to webmasters.

The Reputation – Search Engine Friendly Site

Everyone wants to be on the first page of search engines, at least that shows what the webmaster is doing is making some sense. However, this depends on how search engine-friendly the site is.

The following are what webmasters can do to make their website search engine friendly.

Tip#1 – Ensure texts are added to images, videos and flash

To make a site search engine friendly is to add text to images, videos and flash on the site. Know that search engines are software that read and understand plain texts more than those embedded in images.

Although some of the software has the capacity to scan flash files, one cannot conclude that such will allow them to obtain all the necessary information he or she wants them to.

Tip#2 – Let title tag be relevant

Many new webmasters do not bother about setting the title tag of their website to something more meaningful. They only place the name of their site in their homepage’s title tag.

Most search engines consider the text that appears in the page’s HTML<TITLE>tag. The tag is used as part of the search engine’s algorithm to determine what that particular page is all about.

For instance, if the page is about the product called “Widget ABCD”, the tag should be “Widget ABCD Product features”. The name of the site can also be added, like “Widget ABCD Features – ABCD Company”.

User-Friendly Content Customisation

If there is one thing that search engines especially Google loves, it is good quality content. The quality of content is a big ranking factor for search engines like Google. Google’s priority is to organize and ensure that people get access to quality information. So webmasters looking to appear on the first page of search engines must ensure the quality of content provided is the highest of quality.

Factors like high bounce rate can make Google to rank a page lower. Bounce rate refers to the amount of time visitors spend on a page. To Google, if the information provided is good quality, then visitors will not mind spending more time on the page.

An example of high-quality content is one that provides good quality information that solves reader’s problem and not the one that is filled with fluff. Readers will be happy to click and share a content they find interesting and helpful on their social media without thinking twice. Use tables where necessary to help readers understand and grab information easily. Images and videos can also be added to support the content.

The reputation and audience are both very important. With a good reputation, more value will be placed on your website and readers will see the site as an authority in that niche. However, both the audience and reputation should be the webmaster’s top priority. Without the audience, for example, the aim of running a website would not be achieved.



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