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Simplify Your Life By Made For India Apps

Indian-AppAccording to a survey, there are 160 million smartphone users are available in India and over a 3 million apps available across all the mobile operating system today. You can work more safely. We are describing some India centric apps that will make your life easier. ( Android Marshmallow Must Know Features ).

True Messenger

Truemessenger--(2) We know how your email inbox automatically sends junk email to the spam folder. Now you can do this for your unwanted SMS too. TrueMessenger brings that functionality to SMS. You have to make a little setup for this. The initial setup requires you to make it the default SMS app on your smartphone. Now you have to mark certain types of messages as spam. After some selection, TrueMessenger will learn what is junk. The app smartly send text messages to the spam folder. The app gives you a 5-second window to ‘unsend’ a text message and save you from the blushes. You can manually send messages to the junk folder. The app will also display an unknown sender’s name like TrueCaller. You can work more safely with this app.

Smart Spends

Smart-Spends-(2)Keeping a tab on your expenditure and income. The Smart Spends makes life easier with an automated process. The app make a note of amounts you have spent or received. It reads the transaction SMSes you receive from online retailers, your bank and other merchants. The app compiles this information automatically into easy to read visual charts and accounts. You can create due date reminders and notifications. Why face late payment chargers.




Inshort-(2)If you don’t have the time to go through every single news item from all the news papers. You can also collect the news from the websites. This app employs collects news for Indian Audiences. The description is of 60 words or less. The app is intuitive to use. You can swipe up to move to the next news bite. If you want to read the full story, then you have to tap on the topic. Even you can switch from English to Hindi. Get more news with some interesting apps.




Pincode-(1)Pincode is a nifty app that puts data like domestic pincodes, vehicle license plates, phone numbers and bank info into a single searchable index, that can be used easily. You will be able to find out the crank calls, from which state they are coming and identify the mobile operator. You can find information about a license plate. One most important feature is, you can find out the IFSC code of all banks for online payment and toll-free numbers of all popular companies.




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