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How To Solve Low Storage Memory Error On Android Devices

Whenever your phone runs out of memory, you see an error saying low storage memory error and that is when you need to know that let’s free some space from your phone. If you have a lot of things on your phone and all of them seem important, it becomes very difficult for you to do that and especially when you are doing it manually. That is why in this guide, I am going to tell you some really good and working methods to solve low storage memory on android devices. This guide 3 top methods to solve the problem and you can try any one of them which you may find suitable.

Method No. 1: Get APK File instead of Apps from Google Play.

This method is probably the easiest method you will find since this contains a suggestion with strong evidence. Most people download apps from Google Play Store which provides you with the complete app and with it, you also download unnecessary files such as cache and other offers which you don’t even know. Downloading the APK file from the external hosting sites like Apkwaves, Apkbucket, Apk4fun, Apkreal etc and installing app with that enables to avoid burning your mobile data and space on unnecessary files. And, this was our first method to solve low storage memory error on android devices.

Method No. 2: Use Android Device Optimization Apps.

On your android device from time to time, you keep downloading apps and games for fun and then you forget to delete them. Also, if connected online, these files grow bigger due to the updates and in the case of multiplayer, the cache gets saved on your phone causing you a lot of storage loss. Also, while surfing the internet online, lots of data gets stored on the device such as cookies and cache and it becomes quite difficult for people to get rid of it manually. That is when you need to get a good android optimization app from play stores such as ES File Explorer or any app which you find the best. The basic work of these apps is to delete any unnecessary files and apps which you don’t need anymore thus, it increases the performance of your phone and also solves low storage memory problem.

Method No. 3: Freeing Storage Manually.

The biggest advantage of doing it manually is that you get to choose what to keep and what to delete from your phone. Using optimizers may solve the problem but also cause few more by deleting necessary apps and files that were present on your phone. That is why if you have got some free time then open the task manager and see how much of space you could free by deleting the files and apps you don’t need anymore. And this was the 3rd method to solve the low storage memory problem on android devices.

So, now you have three good options to do it. Choose one for yourself and use it right now to clean some storage on your android smartphone.

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