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How To Speed Up Windows 10 Startup With Easiest Way

Slow startup in Windows 10 can make a headache, while working with you PC or laptop. There are some unnecessary files or programs which are attached automatically with startup in your PC. When we install any software in PC, sometimes it connects automatically to the system startup folder.  It takes a lot of time to start your PC and delays your work process. You have to stop them from running for smooth and fast working.  The tips we are describing here, will speed up your system, works not only for Windows 10, But works on all versions of Windows. It will reduce Windows Boot Time and work fasters.

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How To Disable Startup Programs In Windows 10

It is the most important thing in Windows 10 to Work faster; that you have to disable some selected programs from your startup folder. It is not a typical trick, to disable the programs from the list of startup.  Actually it is very easy, and we will try to make it more easier for you. The startup program manager should be easier to understand than other startup program managers.

The first thing is, you have to Open the Task Manager. There are 2 ways to Open Task Manager. 1st is, Right-click on the bottom taskbar and select Taskbar tab, and the 2nd is CTRL+Alt+Delete and select Taskbar. The Task Manager normally just shows a list of open programs. You’ll need to click “More details” option. After opening the full interface, you have to click on the startup tab.

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In Windows 10, you will see the name of a program along with its application icon.  The icons will appear on the left side and the programs publisher name on the right side. Along with this you will see the “startup impact” of a Startup program like low, medium or high.  It has one more option of “Not Measured”, it means it was recently added and Windows hasn’t had a chance to observe the program behavior yet. To see its impact you should reboot your system and look for the impact level.

The main thing in this program is, you have to decide what is important to you and what not. You have to choose what programs you want to disable from the list. We have a suggestion here for you, that you must disable all the chat programs from your system startup. You must keep all your system utilities and driver related software enabled.

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You can take additional help, to do this, you can right-click a program and select “Search online.” The Windows will open a web search page with the name of the program and its .exe file, which allows you to determine exactly what the program is and what it’s doing if you’re not sure. “Open file location” option will show you exactly which .exe file on your computer is starting at boot.

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The another option to make a quick performance can be, you should switch to SSD, in spite of HDD. It can make a better performance to startup and shutdown your system. SSD dramatically improve its boot speed along with everything else that requires saving and accessing files. It can play the most important role to boost up your system performance.

We ask you to make the change, as we have mentioned above and, feel the difference.

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