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The Ultimate Multiplayer Classic Match Foosball Game Table For Ipad

New Potato Technology has brought the iconic game Classic Match Foosball to the iPad’s smaller form, with complete physical controls. This Classic Match Foosball is a full physical accessory which cradles the iPad. The device contains real controls with eight 2-axis control rods which are accompanied by score counter sliders. This device is compatible with iPad Air and iPads 3, 4. Classic Match Foosball is powered by the iPad’s on-board batteries, and sports four folding removable legs to make easier storage.

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Now you can work your pull, bank, snake, bread and butter shots to fake out your opponent and send the ball into the goal with a resounding “thunk”. Like a real tournament table, the Classic Match Foosball brings the complete foosball experience to your iPad device.


You can Download the free Classic Match Foosball app from the iTunes App Store.

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The device can also act as a charging dock. It comes with a complimentary iOS app which offers a 3D instant replay of every goal to recap your glory. Foosball table is compatible with all full-size iPads except the most recent model. We assumes that two players should be a better fit for the iPad’s size of 10-inch.

It works with eight functional 2-axis control bars. The Bluetooth wireless connection between the table and the app on your iPad make this to play with ease. This table device allows the most expert players to show off their Foosball skill to others. The real scoring markers are present at each end.

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You can customize your team by selecting and designing, your favorite jersey colors. If you are alone and want to play when your friend is not available, then no problem at all- you can test your master skill with other master player i.e. against the app, which is a world class player. Make a wonderful experience with tournament challenging games, rules, fields and layouts. Four persons can play this game. 3D instant replay and recap the action option is available. Enjoy the real Classic foosball play Realistic game and crowd sounds.

Foos buttons are given on both sides to launch the ball into real play. Two AAA batteries comes with the box.

You will need System Requirements iPad, iPad 2nd Gen, iPad 3rd Gen, 4th Gen and iPad Air, iOS 5.0 or higher. Optional adhesive pads are available to secure iPad for aggressive play. You will also find quick start guide with easy instructions for initial setup and play.



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