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The Windows 10 Features Which You Will Love To Know

Windows 10 has passed its first year successfully.  Recently the company has announced a free anniversary update for Windows 10 users. Like windows 7, Windows 10 is also famous among users. The main reason of Windows 10 popularity is its interface. ( Skill Development Websites For Free ) Windows 10 user interface is just like Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 10 has included many new features which you will like.  After knowing about these features you will surely install Windows 10 in your system. Let’s  have a look on the features that we are talking about.

All at one place


Like Windows 8.1 the menu screen and display are not separate.  Windows users were missing start menu in Windows 8. So Windows 10 has included start menu icon for its users.  These custom menu included all the apps at one place like Windows 7 .  You can work easily. ( Learn Foreign Languages Here ).

Run mobile apps


All the smartphone apps can be run on laptop and desktop.  You can do this by clicking on the windows store icon in the start menu and search for any app. For example,  if you want to run your smartphone app on Windows 10 system,  then you can download an app from the store. You have no need to download any application separately.

Highly secure


If we talk about security, Windows 10 is highly secured system. In Windows 10 user can make his face as password.  There are options like PIN and finger print that you can use for security. Apart from this user can set visual password with the help of his favorite photo.  User can use three motion gestures as password. If you are not willing to make your face as password,  then you can use your Microsoft account information as password. Android Devices Safety Tips.


Like smartphones,  you will get personal assistant  to help you in Windows 10.  You can ask Cortana anything and it is always ready to answer your queries. Uses will get answers of the question with the help of search engine Bing.  User can ask Cortana to search with Google. With the help of this personal assistant user can search weather report, traffic updates news.  User can search any file from PC to send email.  User can also set an alarm.

Windows 10 contains lots of useful features.  We will mention them in our upcoming articles.

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