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Three Tips For Creating That Killer Video

Whether it’s a video for class, for your business or for film, the ability to create great video can help you in various areas of life. There are certain steps that need to be taken when creating a video which span all different kinds of media including marketing and filmmaking. The art goes beyond simply choosing the right camera. Here we explore  a few steps to help you get started and become proficient in the art of capturing and releasing great video.

Learn How To Use The Correct Software

You can’t just film and hit play anymore. If you’re filming from different locations and it is going to be of a specific length then you need to be able to edit and use effects to improve the video quality and get it to where you want it to be. Using this software can be quite tricky, and there is a steep learning curve. You can play around with it yourself and learn over time, but the better option would be to book a class. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the leading video editors out there, so if you’re using it then you would be best to book some Premiere Pro training classes, they can be the difference between creating a professional looking video to it looking fairly amateurish. It is always good to learn off the pro’s and can be especially rewarding if you want to make a name for yourself.

Give The Video A Message

Even if it is a marketing video it needs to have some form of message. A beginning middle and end, the three classic elements of any story. Establish what is happening, creating the video then add in the end result. If you’re advertising a specific product check out some of the leading brands and how they manage to work their products into story arcs. If you’re advertising a product just by showing the product and giving it a voice over it won’t work unless people already know about the product. You need to make the video poignant and snappy otherwise it will be lost on people, especially if it is niche and hard to realise what it actually does. You can find some tips on getting your message across here.

Bear Target Audience In Mind

You need to make sure your video is geared towards a particular target audience. If you’re making a film, what are the demographics? What kinds of people will watch your film? These are questions you need to ask yourself pre-production. You shouldn’t change the filming to suit anyone, but knowing what people are watching makes a huge difference.

Target audience is even more important in marketing videos. You aren’t going to aim a new gaming product at the older generation are you? You need to make it pertinent to the people who are likely going to buy the product. Defining your target audience defines how much the video resonates with the purchasers of the product. You need to win the audience over, and starting with a message aimed at another age group or sex isn’t going to resonate.


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