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Top 5 App Lockers For Android Devices

app locksThese days mobile phone is not only used to call but a lot more than that with the advent to smartphones. People uses phones to stay connected to people via networking sites, remain updates of current affairs via news apps, they shop, bank, listen to music and what not. These days app providers are coming up an app for almost everything to make our life easier.

But as these usage increases people, people tend to store their personal information and credit information on their mobiles and thus their security is at risk.

Your data can be accessed by anyone who including your sensitive information. So its upto you who needs to secure your personal information and protect it. There are many apps in the market which locks and secures your mobile data which you can download from Play Store.

Here are the Top 5 app lockers in Google Play:

  1. AppLock


AppLock is one of the best locker app. It secures your mobile phone data and applications with a password or pin. So this gives you access only when you type the correct credential. Also you can use pattern lock for apps install on your Android phone even customize with a background of your choice. This will not allow unauthorized access to your phone. Moreover this app doesn’t allow others to use your phone to receive incoming calls and settings of your phone.

  1. Smart Lock

This app named Smart Lock , locks your apps and also your document and media files. With this app you can easily protect your photos, documents and other important files.

Smart AppLock

This app features different tabs to provide locks on different things. There is app tab lists all the apps installed on your phone and gives you option to lock whichever app you want. Similarly via media tab, you can protect your music, videos and images. Also when you lock a particular app it automatically denies uninstalling of it. One must unlock it first to uninstall the the app.

  1. Secret App Locker

Secret App Lock Pro

Secret App Locker is a also another app to secure your personal data and documents. You can easily protect your app with password or a pattern. For each of the app you also may have different pattern or password. Here in this app you can make different categories like work, office , party, family etc. Upon activation, the apps that you want to be restricted would be locked down. Its use is very simple to enable and disable and will keep your mobile in secured form.

  1. Guest Locker

Guest Locker Smart Security

Guest Locker is smart application for security of Android devices. It is one of the best apps to keep your confidential data. You can give the phone to your family or relatives without any fear that they would check your data. This will be private to you and solely your confidential datas.

Also you can block calls from private or unknown number. You can hide SMS, videos, music and individual contacts.

  1. Hide Master

Hide Master is one of a hell smart app. Its my personal favourite. It is the first privacy protection app that hides your apps in different modes. Guest Mode and Home Mode.

Hide Master-Privacy App Lock

In Guest Mode all your private pictures, messages, videos, etc and all other apps are hidden so that your partner can not find your secrets. Also there is Home Mode where all the apps you hide in Guest Mode will unlock in the private screen of Hide Master in the leftmost main screen. Both the modes opens with separate password or gestures.

Its very efficient app to keep your secrets. In fact Hide Master doesnt Lock apps, in a way it makes them invisible.

Written By : Aditya Naskar


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