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Top 5 Best Android Applications For Business

Almost everyone has Android devices nowadays, Android was famous for its games and cool apps but in the past few years, the use of Android has become wider and now people are more likely to use it for businesses purposes too. Now some great applications have been launched that works really good with different kinds of business deals. How to play with your photos?

So, Today I am Going to show you some great Android apps which can provide you helping hands in your business. You can download these apps directly from Google plus or you can download their Apk Files From Android Madness or other famous Apk Sites.

5 Most Popular Android Apps For Business are mentioned below with their requirements and reviews plus we are also going to mention their play store links so that you can easily download them.

  1. Google My Business:

Developer: Google Inc.

File size: 16 Mbs

Requirements: Android 4.1 or above

Rating:  4.3 stars.

Google My Business is one of the best tool/apps for setting your business. The app is officially developed by Google and contain many features in which few are discussed below:

  • update your client’s names and phones and other details on a few clicks.
  • Get notifications and alarms For your upcoming meetings etc.
  • Set your clients locations on Google maps.

Business Apps (1)

  1. Business Insider:

Developer: Business Insider Inc.

File size: 7.9 MBs

Requirements: Android 4.0 MBs

Rating: 4.4 stars

Business insider is another great application for making some important notes on your smart phone regarding your business. This app is basically a news application that will inform you about trending news stories in your business.

  • Read articles on trending news in your business category.
  • Read different comments and get inform about what’s going on in the industry.
  • Make a great conversation with your clients on different news.

5 App Lockers For Android

  1. TeamSpeak 3:

Developer: TeamSpeak Systems GmbH.

File size: 22 MBs.

Requirements: Android version 2.3.3 or above.

Rating: 4.0 stars.

Teamspeak 3 is a great android application for business but it’s paid. The other 2 version that i mention above are free but this one is paid, but there is no doubt that the features which this app include are thousands time better than all of the apps mentioned in this article but still it is having 3 position because it’s paid.

However if can’t pay for the app then you can download Teamspeak 3 apk For Free from Android Madness Of any other apk site. You can also find deal information regarding the app and its features from Android Madness.

Features of the app include:

  • Connect all of your clients on your own server and control their joined membership.
  • Excellent voice and video quality.
  • Best application for Big live conferences.
  • Connect your worker and have a look on their work from your mobile.

Business Apps (2)

  1. Business Calender:

Developer: Appgenix Software

File size: Varies with device

Requirements: varies with device

Rating: 4.4 stars.

Business calendar is a great android application with which you can set your meetings and other stuff on a calender to inform you a few hours before that.

  1. Business Tasks:

Developer: Appgenix Software

File size: 2.3 MBs

Requirements: Android version 22 or above

Rating: 4.4 stars.

Business tasks is another great application that can help you to remember your tasks. You can make a list of your task in this app that can help you to get alarm you when the time is near.

Submitted By : Mudasar Khan


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