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Top 5 Football Android Games You Must Play

Football is the most popular game of the world and that’s the reason that football games are the included in the most popular games of the world. As, Android is leading now a day in the industry so that’s why I am going to write on popular football android games, however if you are having XBox or  play station you can find popular games for them on Google.

The 5 Games I am going to mention below are leading play store now a days. This list will include both free and paid games however, majority of them are free.

Most of the game are having simple requirements but if face the problem of low storage then I will suggest you to go and download its apk file. Apk files are just from play store but they are in indirect way you can download apk file of many popular games from ANDROID MADNESS

The list include requirements, review of android users and features of the games.

Top 5 Android Football Games:

1.Fifa 2016:

Fifa 2016 is the top leading football game of play store now a days the game is officially developed by FiFa organization. it include all famous FIFA leagues, players, tournaments and staff.

Requirements: To download the game in your android device you must need to have an android version of 4.4 or above a minimum free storage of 2 GB or more.


TIP: If you are having the required free space and still facing low storage error then download the apk version of the game.

Review: The game is having a good 3.9 star review with a huge 5 Million downloads on play store:

Features: Fifa 2016 is having all the famous fifa players in their real look and skills, you can make you take part in different leagues and tournaments and can increase your ranking. High class graphics and excellent sound quality with great animations are the basic features of the game.

2.Football Manager Touch 2016:

Football Manager Touch 2016 is top leading android football game, but its not free and costs well. But even after being costly the game got 5 lakh download which is not a common thing. The game has excellent graphics and features. The game has every low requirement due to which it is paid. However, you can download Football Manager Touch 2016 latest version apk for free which will provide you complete installation file of the game.


Requirements: Android version 2.3.3 or above.

Review: FTM 2016 is having  5000,00 with a great 4.1 star review even after being paid.

Features: Features of the game include excellent graphics with great animations and sound quality. It include different leagues and tournaments where you can show your skills and can bring your squad to the top. All real life players and staff is included.

  1. First Touch Soccer(FTS) 2015:

Another great android game which is also free and is having great number of features.


Requirements: Android version 4.0 or above.

Review: A grand 5 Billion Downloads with a high rating of 4.5 stars.

Features: Features of the game include smooth touch controls, real life players and championships. personally, I love this game for being offline. You can play it any time anywhere, and that’s the main feature of the game. Majority of the other football games are online and you need to have an android device for that but FTS is free and offline

4.Play Football 2016:

Play Football 2016 is another great game for playing football live on your Android device. it is also a top ranking android game which is free of cost. Requirements and review of the game along with its features are discussed below.


Requirements: you must need to have an android version 3.0 or above to download this game.

Review: Its is having a grand 5 million download with a great 3.9 star review.

Features: Features of the game include real life player, better graphics and different championships and leagues,

You can see further details of the game from Play store.

  1. Score World Goals:

Score World is also good, but as I am ranking it on 5 so the others are better than it. However, if your device is not compatible with the other then this the best choice for you.


Requirements: Android version 2.3 or above.

Review: it’s having a grand 5 Billion Downloads with a great rating of4.4 stars.

Features: Score World Goals is included in top 10 Sports games in more than50 countries.



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