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Top 5 Tips To Prevent Your System From Sudden Crashdown

A system crash is always annoying and causes a lot of trouble. I recently faced this issue on my system when I was working on some important project and all of the sudden system broke down. Initially, I wondered what could be the cause of sudden breakdown but later I realized I was avoiding some basic steps to keep system performance intact. As I had some firsthand information about what actually could hamper your system performance, it helped me fix out the issue. In this article, I have discussed ways that can help you prevent your system from crashing.

Use Disk Cleanup Utility: Your system may crash due to overloaded disk space that includes lot of files & unnecessary programs. It makes your system run slow and affect system performance negatively. To fix this issue, you can use built-in utility on Windows called Disk Cleanup. It displays all unnecessary files on your system including log file, temporary files, temporary Internet files, system error memory dump files, old & obsolete system files and lot more in a precise manner. You can use this utility to find and clean all such unnecessary files to recover some valuable disk space and improve system performance. To access this utility, follow below-mentioned steps.

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  • Open Start menu > search and select “disk cleanup” utility.
  • Select the drive you want to clean from pop-up window.
  • On Disk Cleanup window sift through files to find unnecessary items.
  • Select them and press OK to instantly delete them.

Apart of it, you can also click on “Clean up system files” button to find & clean old & obsolete system files. This simple yet effective built-in utility can help you clean your PC and speed up its performance instantly.

Windows Update: This is another quick yet effective step to help you fix crashing issue on your system. Each update on Windows offers certain bug fixes, security patches, and other security & performance improvement features. Thus, you can consider updating your system with latest Windows updates. It will help you fix bug problem (if any) on your system, help you boost system speed & performance to avoid system crashes. You can update your systems using automatic system updates or do it manually.

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To find & update your system, go to Start menu and search and select “Windows Update”. On Windows Update window click on “Check for updates” to find out all available updates. Here, it will display all updates in a precise manner to help you update your system.

Update Drivers: Driver updates on your system can help you keep all your devices running smoothly. You can update drivers by heading to device manager on your PC. To use this utility, follow these steps.

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  • Open Start menu, search and select “device manager”.
  • On Device Manager window, select the category of device that you want to update driver for.
  • Right-click on it and choose “Update driver software” from given options.

It will display two options:

  • First, “Search automatically for updated driver software” to help you update drivers automatically.
  • Second, “Browse my computer for driver software” to help you browse the location to driver to update.

Defragment Disk: Disk defragmentation helps you defrag your disk space for better performance. To do this on Windows 7,

  • Go to Start menu, search and select “Disk defragmenter”.
  • Select the disk from the list that you want to defrag from Current Status and tap on “Defragment Disk” button to initiate the process.

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To do this on Windows 10, search “optimize” or “defrag” in the taskbar to open disk optimization tool.

  • Select your hard drive and tap on Analyze button.
  • Check the percentage of fragmented files and click on “Optimize” button.
  • It will start defragmentation process. Once completed it will display message saying 0% fragmented under Optimize Drives utility.

Avoid virus threats: Virus on your system may also cause unusual behavior of your system like sudden crash and other problems. To avoid virus problem, prefer to install reputable security suite for effective results. It will help you find and remove all security threats automatically to improve your system performance and avoid system crash. You can also try built-in security utility called “Windows Defender” for effective results.

Conclusion: System crash issue can be avoided effectively by practicing some basics of system cleaning and security. You can use above-mentioned steps to avoid any such issue like system crash. Further, it will help you improve your system performance as well.

Summary: System crash is an unavoidable situation that you may need to face sometime during work when you have avoided some basic cleaning & security rules on Windows. In this article, we have discussed top 5 tips to prevent your system from crashing.


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