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Top 8 Online Influencers In The Field Of Digital Marketing

Marketing and communications have changed drastically in the last 5 years and along with that, digital marketing emerged as a strong force. The field of digital education is also equally important as more and more business processes are becoming digitized. This landscape is changing continuously and sometimes it is very hard to understand the different processes. But there are various marketing coaches and mentors, who are there to help. These online influencers ( Online Website For Free Courses ) use their expertise and insight to educate the people so that understanding digital marketing becomes simplified. Not only fellow marketers but various companies can also learn a lot from them and use that valuable knowledge to increase the ROI. The task is challenging but is very exciting too.

The Game-changers

Digital marketing is so important nowadays, that the brands can’t even think of setting their marketing plan without having an online strategy. From small businesses to big brands, mastering the techniques of digital marketing has become a top priority. It helps a brand grow and stand out in this competitive market. A few big names have come up gradually and these people have more influence than big companies.From ShamaHyder to Gary Vaynerchuk, the list of online influncers contains some powerful names. They have changed the digital marketing game and innovated the process along the way. With the help of newer and better tools, digital marketing is now a force to reckon with. So, let’s see who all are featured in the list of top 8 online influencers.

  1. ShamaHyder (Company: Marketing Zen)


There is a lot to learn from ShamaHyder, she is an under 30 CEO and Shama is also a best- selling author. Entrepreneur magazine gave her the title “Zen Master of Marketing” and Shama’s story is really inspiring. She started early and while pursuing her graduation she laid the foundation of “Marketing Zen” with a mere $1,500. The headquarters of the company is situated in Dallas and they serve a wide range of clients. They implement creative strategies and ensure that their clients stay ahead in the game.


  1. Brian Halligan (Company: Hubspot)

Brian Halligan

Brian Halligan co-founded HubSpot along with Dharmesh Shah in 2006. With its headquarters located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, HubSpot has clients all across the world. It has taken inbound marketing to a whole new level and the HubSpot Software has various features to handle email marketing, web analytics, social media marketing, SEO, content management, etc.Halligan has also written two books which deal with important aspects of marketing. Not only this, Halligan is a TEDx speaker and shares valuable insights on business, marketing strategies and other topics.

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a digital marketing expert, who is also an author, entrepreneur and public speaker. From to the video podcast named “Wine Library TV”, he used digital marketing to achieve success. Gary primarily focused on video marketing and in 2009; he launched VaynerMedia with his brother.VaynerMedia is a huge company now with a valuation over $50 million. Gary is the author of popular business books like – “Crush It”, “The Thank You Economy” and “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right-Hook”.

  1. Leo Wildrich (Company: Buffer)

Leo Wildrich

Our list also features Leo Wildrich, the co-founder of Buffer, Leo is also the CEO of the company. Buffer has made posting on social media very easy and millions of marketers are using this tool. With Buffer, companies can improve the engagement level and consequently drive more traffic. Buffer is well-known brand when it comes to online marketing, it not only helps small businesses but several big brands also take advantage of this highly efficient tool.


  1. Marcus Tober (Company: Searchmetrics)

Marcus Tober

Back in 2005, Marcus Tober started a company called Searchmetrics and it focused on search analytics and optimizing content marketing by using data efficiently. Searchmetrics is a leading company and it offers its clients a collection of tools popularly known as –“Essential Plus”. Enterprise customers as well as agencies use Searchmetrics to get assistance in keyword analysis, backlink analysis and traffic reports.Marcus Tober is a SEO expert and he has a deep understanding of Big Data, this is why he is always in demand and people seek his advice all the time.

  1. Tom Treanor (Company: Wrike)

Tom Treanor

Tom Treanor is a content marketing expert and his company Wrike, collaborates with big organizations like Adobe, PayPal, MTV and others. He inspires many B2B marketers and gives them useful project management tips. Before forming Wrike in 2007, Treanor used to work for Meltwater Group. The Wrike software handles different online projects and generates leads for the esteemed clients. Tom also participates in many podcasts and talks about social media, marketing strategies, sales alignment and other related topics.

  1. Erin Cigich(Company:

Erin Cigich

Erin Cigich has been associated with digital marketing for a long time and she is the current CEO of, a company which focuses on affiliate marketing.Erin is an expert in handling successful ad campaigns and develops the digital and marketing strategies of her company. Erin educates marketers by sharing her insight on affiliate publishing, media buying and performance marketing.


  1. Brian Sutter (Company: Wasp Barcode Technologies)

Brian Sutter

Brian Sutter is among the top influencers and Wasp barcode’s Marketing Director has won many accolades. He maintains Wasp’s online presence and figures out which marketing strategies are best. Sutter. He regularly writes in “Wasp Buzz” and the articles cover many aspects of channel marketing, advertising, brand management, social media, etc. Brian’s innovative thinking has aided various small businesses and this thought leader knows how to use technology to improve efficiency.


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