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Turn Your TV In A Huge Android Tablet Screen By Touchjet Wave

TOUCHJET WAVE (4)If you are willing to buy an Android SET-Top Box for your T.V., then you should wait a little. A new device has been launched this week, which will convert ( CLICK HERE TO CONVERT AUDIO, VIDEO AND IMAGE WITH A SINGLE SOFTWARE) your normal T.V. into a smart T.V. According to an Indiegogo campaign, company is hoping to add a crazy functionality to your existing television at an affordable price. Technology is spreading day by day with crazy ideas to make you comfortable. The Touchjet’s technology transforms surface into an Android Touchscreen. The Touchjet Wave device will add touch controls and smart features to your T.V.


How to make TV Touchscreen? To start making your TV smart, you have to just place the device above TV. As you connect the device, it will start throughing the waves on the TV and makes it Touchscreen. By the collected information, The Touchjet WAVE allows you to control your normal television with your fingers like you operate your smartphone. Touchjet WAVE uses infrared technology to track finger and touch on the television screen, by the commands given by the Android system. It is also letting you download (DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON YOUR SMARTPHONE) a host of apps directly to your TV. The device is portable and compact. The Touchjet WAVE transforms your home television into a giant touchscreen tablet. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE PDF CONVERTER.


With the built-in padded amount, the device installs quickly to the top of TV screens up to 60 inches in display size. No big setup is needed, just Plug in the AC power and connect with HDMI cables. Your Touchjet WAVE is ready to use. To download apps and access content, the Touchjet WAVE has built-in wireless (CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONE WIRELESSLY) to connect to a home network. The specifications are more interesting. It includes two USB 2.0 host ports, Bluetooth 4.0, 1GB DDR3 memory, 2.0 GHz Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor, 8GB of flash storage and one Micro USB OTG port for all type of connections. It also includes a Stylish Pen to work with the screen.


The pre-order price of this device is $99 and it is not just for touch functionality, but also buying an Android Pc that upgrades your TV. You can enjoy Games, Media and Apps on the big screen. User can remotely control the Touchjet WAVE form the comfort of couch or bed.


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