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Use Free Ads Blocker To Make Internet Surfing Fast

Ads are so irritating and also violate your privacy on internet. When you are using internet surfing and suddenly ads and banner pop up open many times and continuous they waste a lot of time. It attract your attention and breaks your concentration when you are working or find some important things on internet. Ads also consumes your internet data . With ads some scripts also appears that is not good your privacy and safety on internet. Just select appropriate tool and block them but for some trusted websites you can unblock them easily. Use below mentioned tool to block them.

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AdFender is a free ad blocking software with good features. It supports blocking of ads for different  P2P, web browsers and instant messengers. It works in the background. Whenever you try to browse websites that contains ads it blocks all those ads. It supports various web browsers including Firefox, Chrome,  Internet Explorer, Opera, Maxthon, Slimbrowser and many more.


Google Ad Blocker is a free and easy to use Ad blocking software.It can block only Google Ads with one click on it. It works on all web browsers that includes Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. You can also unblock ads with the unblock button in it. It also comes in a portable version.


Adblock Plus is a free Ad blocking software for Windows. It lets you to block advertisement banners from any website you are browsing. You can install it as an add-on on various popular browsers like  Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,Opera etc.You can browse websites without Ads fast and easily.


ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker  will block all ads while you surf the Internet and also good for all type of online video websites that contains ads. It also protects your privacy by blocking tracking scripts of ad networks and web counters.  YouTube, Dailymotion,,, ABC, Vimeo, CBS, and NBC are some best video websites.

The non-commercial version is free.

chris pc ad blocker

For more on these ad blockers or downloads please click on the links above.


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