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The Most Useful PC Tips To Speed Up Your Gaming Setup

You must follow some basic and simple steps to improve the performance of your current gaming setup. Gaming is very demanding among youngsters and teenagers. It only demands the resources of your PC. So you need to get the most out of your system.  After these steps, if you are still having problem then you may need to look at upgrading individual components of your system.

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Delete Unnecessary Files:

You must have a look on your programs that you have installed in your PC.  Do you really use them regularly or want to use them?  If some of the programs are not usable then you must delete them or uninstall them to free up space. It will help your computer to run faster.  You can also delete temporary files along with them.  Temporary files are a big reason to slow down your system. You should use software like Registry Mechanic.

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Malware and Virus are a big reason to slow down your PC. Do you have any antivirus software installed in your system to check for Malware? If you don’t have that, then you must install a good PC antivirus in your system as soon as possible.  It will run regularly to scan and protect your PC from viruses. Do not use two antiviruses at a time for your system, it can hang up your system.


Inspect Your Hard Disc

The first step is to defragment the drive to help it run efficiently. You should check for bad sectors that can create Havoc to your data in addition to slowing your PC.  Sometimes space can be issue for slowing up. In this case you have two choices, whether you can empty the space from your hard drive or you need to upgrade the storage.  SSD hard drive will improve speed considerably. The SSD hard drive maybe expensive, but works very well.

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Get The Most From Your Graphics Card:

If you are in doubt your graphics card running slowly, then it may be time to give it a little attention and follow these steps to get it performing like a new system. There is some disassembling involved so make sure you feel comfortable with this and understand all the necessary steps before you get started.


Memory Matters

If your system doesn’t have enough memory to keep things running smoothly. Then you will need to purchase more RAM or upgrade to a suitable speed and capacity. You should Check your motherboard’s user manual or look up the manufacturer’s website to know the compatibility of RAM required for your PC.

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Overheating Issue

One factor can have a detrimental impact on speed is if you find your system overheating. The first step you have to follow to check whether your PC case needs cleaning.  Dust is the main cause of overheating with a system.  This can prevent clear air flow and causes overeating.  In this case fans would need to work harder and ultimately the temperature of your processor will rise. Now as the temperature rises, the CPU will slow down and the frame rate of your games will drop. A quick vacuum or a blast of compressed air inside the case should quickly sort things out. A powerful blower can be use to blow off the ones settled within the crevices, slots, power supply and fans.


Latest Drivers

Your graphics card manufacturer will regularly release new drivers for your card. You must take them from their website and install the latest version. The new update will help to increase the performance of your card.  It is also important to remove other previous drivers. Driver settings help to strike a balance between image quality of the game and its performance.



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