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Powerful Tips For Creating An Effective Video Blog

Is Having  A Good Camera Important?

Yes, of course, it is. Having the best camera will not only give you the best quality video but also will show how effective your video blog is.

If you are just starting a video blog, you have come to the right page because we are about to tell you a few things that you should remember as a video blogger. It will not be any different for someone who has already started, this could even help you to be a better Youtube vlogger.

 So, how can I create an effective vlog?

Here are a few powerful tips that you might want to consider to have a successful video blog:

Get the best camera that you can

As what was mentioned earlier, getting the perfect camera for video would be the initial and integral part for some, of being a video blogger. Though, there are some who might not be able to afford one but so long as you can shoot a good quality video with the camera you have now, then go for it.

Getting the effective camera is for the benefit of having good audio and video quality. Videos that have poor quality either in audio or video are really hard to watch, or sometimes annoying to see and hear which eventually will result in your viewers not coming back.

Things to be aware when getting a good camera:

  1. Get a camera with higher resolution. The market standard nowadays is a 4k resolution.
  2. Cameras with large internal storage capabilities or a camera that is external memory capable (with an SD card slot). Having a higher memory lets you save more and longer videos.
  3. If the camera comes with batteries, might as well purchase an extra one. Better to be prepared than to be sorry.
  4. Make sure that the camera can be mounted on a tripod because usually as a video blogger, you work alone and will shoot your videos with a help of no one.

Use screen capScreen capture

You want to be a video blogger but you don’t have a camera? No worries, screen capScreen capture will do the trick. There are programs wherein they can capture your screen while you are doing something on it in order for you to create your video (with audio) blogs.

Usually, people who use this, are those who are giving tutorials or a preview of computer applications, or How to’s. For example, if your interest is tutorials, you can create a Powerpoint slide and then you can use any of those screen capture programs to record the slides while you are going through it and talking about it.

5 Screen capScreen capture applications [2017]:

  1. Camtasia
  2. ScreenFlow
  3. OBS Studio
  4. FlashBack Express
  5. Ezvid

Most of the edit can be done on Youtube

Exactly, right! Youtube is not just for directly uploading your videos in it but you can also do the editing there before uploading your videos.

When editing your videos, you might want to keep it simple but concise with what you are trying to convey and just keep it at minimal, no need for fancy edits. Most of the editing tools or features that you need can be found on Youtube itself which means, no need for additional applications for video editing, though that is still an option for you.

Make sure the lighting on your video is correct

You have the best camera, you know exactly how to edit videos but you have poor lighting? It won’t work. This is where you should invest because having a correct lighting makes everything work.

If you can’t afford to shell out some bucks in getting an artificial light, then might as well take advantage of the natural light. You must know the best angle and where to put your camera so you can take full advantage of it.

Connect your blogs to all of your other social media pages

You don’t just want to end up showing everything only on Youtube. Sometimes, the best way for you to spread the news or what’s new is by sharing them on your other social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

Honestly, some people might get tired of your uploads on Youtube, but if you can widen your audience because of your social media accounts, then it’s a win-win situation to you while spreading the news or topics with other people.

You must make your video optimized

Optimizing your videos is to get enough traffic through search engines and the people. This is one of the best tips that you might want to consider because this makes your video more visible to everyone.

Tips for optimizing your videos:

  1. Consider including keywords in the title.
  2. Make sure to always add a short description of your video. For example, if you are doing a product review, include the product details or the list of steps if you are doing tutorials. It would be easy for the viewers to follow through.
  3. Include other links relevant to your post, or your own blog.
  4. Choose the best and catchy thumbnail for the video because that serves as a preview to the viewers.

 Be an effective vlogger!

Hopefully, these tips would help you become a better video blogger. Remember, follow these tips with your best camera, then you should be able to create an effective video blog that everyone wants to see from time to time.


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