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5 Signs And Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency In Women

There is a lot of nutrients needed for our body to function properly. Vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients for our body, it has its effect in every system of the body. Yes, vitamin D fat comes in a soluble vitamin group, which increases the ability to absorb calcium and phosphate in the body. The body also produces vitamin D from cholesterol in sunlight. That is why it is often called sunshine vitamins. Vitamin D provides adequate energy for your daily activities as well as children. And women need a lot of energy, because they have to keep the dual responsibilities of home and office.

Vitamin D meets us with sunlight. Yes, when sunlight rays on our bodies, then the body’s cholesterol generates Vitamin D. Apart from this, vitamin-D is found in very high concentrations in fish, mushroom and dairy products. Its lack of food is not complete and due to the lifestyle of nowadays, deficiency of vitamin D in most women has become a common problem. And vitamin D decreases our body giving some signals. Today, we will tell you what kind of signs our body gives when there is a deficiency of vitamin D-

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In the busy life people often don’t take care of their food and unknowingly create a bad lifestyle. But now there needs to be a little provision. Due to deficiency of Vitamin D, due to which people suffer from low energy, depression and muscle pain. The thing to think about is that people are not paying attention to this, nor are they conscious about it. The main reason for the low vitamin D is to stay in the sun and to sit in the air conditioner throughout the day. People spend sitting hours in AC due to the hours spent in the office.

Pain In Bones And Muscles

Vitamin D is very important for our bones, because the calcium is absorbed by its help only. And if you are often bothered by bones, back or muscles pain, then it is a sign of vitamin D deficiency in your body. Immediately become vigilant and contact the doctor.

Often Be Sick

Vitamin D keeps the body strong by protecting the body from coming out of danger so that our immune system is strong and we do not get sick again and again. That is, Vitamin D strengthens our immunity. But if your body lacks vitamin D, then your immunity will become weak and you will start falling ill with frequent changes in the weather. In this way your body indicates that there is a shortage of vitamin D in you.

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Feel Tired All The Time

There may be many reasons for feeling weakness, fatigue and lethargy, but vitamin D is also a major reason for this problem. If you feel tired too often, then ignoring this signal is not right for you.

Cough And Cold

If you suffer from frequent gout, cold cough, etc. then there may be a shortage of vitamin D in your body. So take the diet with vitamin D as much as you can.


Women’s body lacks vitamin D. She is often depressed and tense. Yes, vitamin D plays an important role in our mood and stress. Vitamin D helps in protecting against depression. If you also feel frequent depression, then it can be a sign of vitamin D.

If you also see any of these signs, contact the doctor immediately and mix the foods containing vitamin D in your diet and try to sit in the sunlight for a few days daily.

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