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Want To Sell Your Mobile Phone? No Worries!! EBay Is The Right Place To Market It

At the present era, selling a mobile phone is an easier process. There are plenty of websites to sell your used phone and eBay has traditionally been one of them.  It has always been recognized as a good destination for buying the electronics. One can be more profited with the help of this website.The company is always looking for new ways to make online selling easier and more rewarding for the consumers. The company’s new Quick Sale Service delivers a new standard of convenience and speed, giving the sellers a new way to tailor their online selling experience to their needs. For the eBay users who would rather sell their phone themselves, the site is offering tips on timing.

The eBay is an online marketplace where one can buy and sell the electronics. Despite fraud and scams, the auction site has thousands of sellers to get rid of the late model mobile phones and thousands of buyers too. With the option of selling fees down, eBay has restored a way to earn money from its popular electronic sales.

What is eBay Valet?

Valet is a new and simple way to sell your things on eBay. The valets sell your items on your behalf and a person can get up to eighty percent of the sale price.  A person should request for a free postage-paid shipping label and then it is emailed. The next step should be taking a print out and use it with any box. One can bring the items to an eBay Drop-Off Center.

There are no shipping costs with eBay valet. It is simple a person should enter the items one wish to sell, box them up and ship them to the valets using the prepaid shipping label. One can also drop off the items at the local FedEx office location where the items will be packed and shipped to the valets. If the item goes unsold, the valets will return to the particular person for free of cost. If a person’s items are not sold, valets reduce the price and relist it. If the items are listed on eBay, one can get a confirmation email with a link to the listings.

Payment Process

A person will be paid for each item after it sells. The valets will send a payment within two business days after the buyer has paid for the item. All the payments are done through PayPal. The valets receive the items within four business days after one mail them in or drop them off. One will receive an email confirming the list of items within ten business days of the shipping carrier delivering the items to the valets.

Valet will also review the items and list all eligible items for sale within another fifteen business days. The items are for sale on eBay for up to sixty days. The valet will send a payment within two business days after the buyer has paid for the item. Unsold and ineligible items are returned to that person within seven days after all items have sold or been a sale for sixty days. Some critical situations like extreme weather or unexpected volume may cause delays.

The eBay’s New Program

A new program which is known to be a quick sale works in conjunction with eBay valet. Currently, the program is only available for the people who are looking to sell their old cell phones. Listing with the Quick Sale is an easier process. Here the seller enters the details of his/her phone, prints a mailing label and sends it to be checked by an eBay valet. If the phone is in the same condition as asserted, the company will pay the amount to the seller for the mobile phone. The whole process takes up to ten days. The mobile phone is listed by the company who will take pictures, write the listing and ship the phone to the buyer. The company is in charge a commission for selling the phone. A new concept of trending price is totally based on the sales data from eBay’s marketplace. The major difference between Quick Sale’s price and the trending price is clearly disclosed.

The company does not hide the fact that they are making a couple of hundred dollars on the mobile phone purchase but there are a lot of consumers, the service is worth the cost. Instead of writing a listing or transporting the phone with insurance, a seller now has a safe and fast way to sell his/her electronics. From the buy’s point of view, he/she can now purchase a phone from a distinguished seller and know that the mobile phone in the listing is the phone he/she going to get.

The company’s quick sale program offers sellers and the buyers an opportunity to connect for a safe and trustworthy transaction. The online auction giant is now offering its trade-in program and the quick sale accepts devices from brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc. Mostly the price will be based on the several important factors like color, brand etc. The sale will go through the eBay valet service that sells all the stuff.

Important Series Of Steps To Sell A Mobile Phone

Setting up a Seller Account

The famous online marketplace offers free seller accounts, which gives users the ability to list up to fifty items a month; these items can be listed through an auction with the option to offer a reasonable price. Each listing can also feature upto twelve photos of the item.

 The eBay App

There is an app for eBay which is compatible with the both iOS App store and Google Play, offers a simple user interface that allows the sellers to quickly list the items, send/ receive the queries and replies from the probable buyers and sellers. The app is easy to use and a user-friendly one than the website. The fee user must pay once an item sells through, which is nine percent of the total sale amount, but never more than two hundred and fifty dollars. There is a major difference between a buyer’s account and having an account verified for selling. The company offers information on how to verify a seller account, but it is quite simple to do.


While posting a listing, eBay can automatically populate relevant information about the device. The app or the web interfaces will also suggest prices list the prices for based on the recent listings. This helps the sellers to measure the appropriate amount to list an item for to attract the buyers. The more included items you have with the device, the better the listing will do.


The quality photos are the most important step because the first impression is always the best impression. Take a photo of the screen while it is powered up just to show that it works as advertised. People could easily list the Smartphones that seem fine on the outside but are damaged. The company has a great seller protection policy in place, but it is best to avoid that all together by making the listing clear and truthful.


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