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Whatsapp Has Changed Over To Video-Calling Feature

Everyone has the idea about the Whatsapp application and the world is going with this application. Moreover, Whatsapp occupied 95 percent in the world. Now a day everyone is communicating through social media in that Whatsapp placed first place over other application.

By this app, we can chat with our friends, family, and anyone around the world and this makes life easier in the busy work. We can chat, Sharing image, video, documents, locations, audios, voice through this application at low data. We can communicate with our friends at any time at everywhere.

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There are a lot of application are available in the market but WhatsApp has a single part of the messaging application. The main advantage of the Whatsapp application is end-to-end encryption in the conversation i.e. Sending message to your friend and this message cannot be read by any third parties in the Whatsapp. So sending a message to this application will secure your message from any other third parties.

75 percent people are using this app because of this security and for the privacy. WhatsApp uses your Internet connection phone to send the messages so you can avoid SMS fees and make the chat more interesting with a voice message and emojis.

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Voice Calling feature:

WhatsApp has launched a lot of new features in the application and now we can open the WhatsApp in web also by using the code in your account. Whatsapp has very fast moved to grown from a small startup to one of the most famous messaging applications in the world, with over one million users. While you may use it every day in the daily life, you might be ignorant of the cool tricks and secret features hiding in the platform.

Now we can Speak Freely with the voice calls by through the WhatsApp, you can talk to your friends and family for free, even if they are in another country with the high clarity of voice. This is one of the advantages of this application.

Video Call feature:

Now WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called video calling feature in it. And with the free video calls in the app, you can have the face-to-face chat for when voice or text just is not enough to expand the relationship. WhatsApp voice and the video calls use your Internet connection phone, instead of your cell voice minutes plan, so you do not have to worry about the expensive of the amount for the calling charges.

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WhatsApp application arrives to be testing in a new video calling specification for its popular messaging application. Someone reports that the new beta application for the Android which includes the video calling choice for some consumers. While the WhatsApp users have been able to place the audio calls for more than a year now, a video calling option would be an even higher threat to the services like Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, and the Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp application recently has more than 1 million users.

It shows that the feature can be enabled or disabled on servers WhatsApp, so the firm that can trial it with the groups of the testers. WhatsApp evenly introduced the voice calling to the Android users at the last year; with select users acquire access to the option in the week’s superior up to a broader launch. WhatsApp has not commented on any video calling plans yet now, but it’s possible the firm may roll out this test specification in a like way to the voice calling option. WhatsApp is also reportedly testing on sending to the group to invites the user through QR codes, links, and the NFC tags.

WhatsApp is really more than a messaging application. It’s an entirely new method of communication, a term roughly on the screen with the phone call or text or the fax. More than a billion of people use the WhatsApp every month, in the countries all over the world. And starting from today, they all have a new way to chat in WhatsApp is regularly rolling out video calling to everyone around the world.

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Next time you can start a call in the WhatsApp platform, you will get a choice of a video or voice? Now you can tap the video, and it turns on your phone’s camera and launches a face-to-face chat. There are no lenses or any filters, no ways to change or do anything. It’s just a call, with your face on one side and someone else’s on the other app. It is much more like a Google Duo or FaceTime than, say, the wacky worlds of the Snapchat or a Hangouts.

There are a few clear contacts in the experience, however. You can do multi-task within the WhatsApp application, checking you are with the other messages while your video call continues in a small box in the corner of your phone screen. Or you can leave the application completely, which will stop your camera but continue your call in the application and it makes your chat easier.

And you can rotate the camera to any direction which you want, without the screen jumping or refreshing the app. But mostly goal of the WhatsApp is to have video calls work, for every one of its users no matter their situation and it helps to improve the relation whatever it may be.

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Over the last few years, particularly as the firm has developed its voice-calling platform, Singh says that the WhatsApp has well informed to quite a bit about its many devices and the networks of the user. If you look at the smart phone users over the world, declaring the super-obvious, their use case is varying from the Bay Area. Creating a new product that can work on bad mobile phones or bad networks connections or both was the greatest challenge for the WhatsApp, particularly given that video calls need an order of magnitude more bandwidth in the application.

The application can control the resolution and frame rate to keep your call going in the app and make more clarity with a high range of connectivity and searches for the peer-to-peer connections whenever possible to avoid its assistance entirely. The whole goal, Singh says that the only metric of a favorable outcome is to keep calls from failing of signals.

In Conclusion:

Until now, WhatsApp has mostly changed the present communication tools. Many of its consumers started with the WhatsApp because they wanted a cheaper choice to the SMS, and changed to the voice calls for the similar reason. But the video chat is the latest behavior of the app. Video calling isn’t yet a dominant activity, but the WhatsApp absolutely has the clout to make it one.

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For now, video calling feature of WhatsApp is creating a lot of interest among the people, which is not surprising given how famous the application is in India. But the WhatsApp application will require to seriously bouncing up the video calling experience in the app it offers for the present one if it wants to clean out the competition.

By hold on with a simple interface but grasping more vivid connections further texting, WhatsApp could curlicue with consumers and no matter how they want to communicate with other. So this application helps in many ways to make the relation even more strong.



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