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Why Use a VPN on Your Smartphone?

VPN Smartphone (3)Smartphones have become the new mobile computers for a great deal of people around the world, with laptops being taken over by smaller devices that can perform many of the small day-to-day functions as well as having the benefits of a cell phone music player. This trend is not going to change, as smartphones are getting cheaper and more complex as well as increasing in popularity.


It is for these reasons that criminals are taking a greater notice of smartphones, and why you should consider making sure your smartphone is as secure as possible. This is meant on a cyber-security level just as much as a physical security level, and therefore you should be taking whatever steps you can to protect your data from hackers or onlookers looking to steal your identity.

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The best single way you can do this is to use a Virtual Private Network on your smartphone. This service will allow you to connect your device over a secure connection to an offsite secure server which will get your data for you and then send it through the connection to your device. They are usually rather inexpensive and you have a good deal of options to pick from.


Here you can see few of the reasons why you should consider using one:


The most obvious use and most important use of a VPN is for security purposes. When you are out in public your phone might be (automatically or not) connecting to public Wi-Fi networks which can be extremely risky for your personal data as hackers with even a minimal amount of skill will be able to see what data you are sending and receiving. This can include usernames, passwords, or even important financial information. Also note that while your phone may be relatively safe from viruses or even malware, your safety from hackers directly looking at your data over a public network is a completely different thing.


A VPN will keep hackers out, and some of them even include a measure so that your internet connection will disconnect and reconnect using a different method to throw off any snoopers on your connection. This makes your public network usage safe, and therefore you can be confident to increase your productivity by a great deal while on the go.

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When you are planning to travel with your smartphone, a VPN might turn out to be the most important service you take with you. While you are going to be using public networks a great deal in airports, other travels hubs, and likely your hotel, there are other benefits to travelling with a VPN.

The first thing that you should know is a lot of the different places you might go might be under regional restrictions when you are outside of your original country. The VPN can make it appear as though you are accessing the internet from your home region, so as to bypass these restrictions.


In addition, some countries may be restrictive in what websites they allow, for example in some countries Facebook and/or Google will be blocked and you would normally be unable to access the information you need to for either work or leisure. With a VPN, however, you’ll be able to get around these restrictions and you’d be able to use your smartphone like you would at home.


Speaking of government intervention, a VPN will also be able to help prevent government spying or tracking on your smartphone, for those who enjoy their privacy. You don’t want the government of any country to always be watching you, and with a VPN all you’ll let them know is that your smartphone is using a VPN.

While some network providers would like to take note of what their users visit or download, this isn’t always the best thing for the user and can be a great breach of privacy, especially when the user agreed to no such monitoring. Just as much as you might want the government to not take a look at your usage, you really don’t want corporations mining you for data when you just wanted to check the news on their Wi-Fi. Since the VPN makes a secure server do the downloading, you’ll be comfortable browsing as you wish.

I hope that this article has informed you of some news ways you can prepare yourself against threats to your data and your travel plans. Thank you for reading and may you make the right choice for your smartphone security needs.


Caroline is a technology enthusiast and blogger who writes for www.securethoughts.com. The main area of her interest is writing about technology and internet security.




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