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Zenmuze X5 Camera Stunning Features

DJI-Zenmuse-X5 (1)Customer drone powerhouse DJI has launched a new range of cameras for professional film makers and photographers. These cameras are known as Zenmuse X5. High and inspire one platform is used in these cameras. The Chinese company DJI is one of the biggest customers having Drone makers. This is the first aerial camera which uses micro four thirds lenses. Normally these cameras are used in compact interchangeable lens cameras. Zenmuse X5 camera can take 16 megapixel still images (SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 SPECIFICATIONS ) and 24 to 30 frame per second 4K video recording. Zenmuse X5 enable you to record professional level footage with stunning clarity and detail.

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According to the company, this is the smallest Loss less 4K camera ( NIKON’S MIRRORLESS CAMERA ). Zenmuse X5has included DJI go app with the interchangeable lenses, which will help the professional film makers. The DJI has one tap autofocus or precise manual focus pulling. It has also 360 degree camera control. It has the ability to upload or live stream your flights to YouTube. You can control wireless aperture of focus control with the help of this app. During the launch of this camera it supported 4 lenses of Panasonic or Olympus.

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In the intuitive autofocus mode, you have to simply tap on the screen of your mobile device to tell the camera auto focus on a specific area. You will realize your creative and artistic vision as never before. You should say goodbye to frustratingly long setups and be ready to fly aerial platform. You have an unprecedented level of controls at your fingertips. CANON CAN SHOOT IN THE DARKNESS.

The new cameras and Mo CX 5 has the same sensors and lenses which are compatible to X5. You can use on Board micro SD card and removable solid state drive 4 video recording. You can book X5 as a free booking order at the price of $4499. The camera will be available in the end of this month the price of XR 5 is approximate $7999 and this camera will be available on the fourth quarter of this year.



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